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Thumbnail Gallery

This thumbnail gallery is provided to you for personal use. It was compiled for use with an API/Framework plugin I created called, “Simple Wordpress Framework”. It contains both 16 x 16 and 32 x 32 pixel images @ 32 bit colors. You can download a zip file with the complete collection, including the index.html, and php file that generates the webpage by clicking on the link below. I will try to add more icons every month.

Click here to download the zip file: Download

Tango Icon Theme 0.8.90

These icons were obtained by an opensource solution for icons.

32, 16 Pixels (16bit Black/White)

Tango Icons

Corporate, Operating System, Application and Other Misc. Icons

These icons were obtained from applications that reside on the desktop computer.

32, 16 Pixels (16bit Black/White)

Other Icons