Simple WordPress Framework is a Plugin to help you create new Plugins.  It was designed by using the standards and requirements specified in the WordPress Plugin API Manual.  It has the correct programming structure, functions and procedures that are required to build a plugin in WordPress. In every PHP file you will find notes and urls referring to the WordPress API articles that are relevant.

  1. Helps new plugin developers follow WordPress development standards.
  2. Provide documentation, and URL references to WordPress API in the code.
  3. Decreases the amount of time it takes to setup a new plugin.

This framework has the following plugin features:

  1. Activation – Adding options, and new database tables.
  2. Deactivation – Removing options and database tables created during activation.
  3. Menus: New – Create a new menu with submenus, separate from the admin menus.
  4. Options Page – A customized options page with additional CSS styles and samples of different <input> values (textarea, text, radio, checkbox, etc.)
  5. 500+ Icons 16 x 16 and 32 x 32 that can be used in your plugin. ( click here )
  6. Use of AJAX/JavaScript Components:

Upcoming features:

  1. Menus: Administrative – Add submenus to existing administration menus. (release date: 11/01/2009).
  2. Updates – Handles automatic updates of new releases (release date: 11/01/2009).
  3. List, View and Edit Database a Table – Allows you to add, remove, edit, view data from a new database file. (release date: 11/01/2009).

This is the first version of Simple WordPress Framework. It is fully functional and can be used to develop your plugins. Simply download the file, follow the installation instructions, and you will have a fully functional plugin.

The changelog is a good place to start if you want to know what has changed since you last downloaded the plugin.

If you are interested in helping improve the code, develop more features, or want to contribute to the documentation, please feel free to contact me.